Monday, January 05, 2009

Big Game Tonight

We need this.

Adam, don't take it too hard when we beat you today. Please don't tell me the score. We are going to watch it later because we can't get it live and we will be asleep. Go Horns!

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We thought of you many times last
All right friend - let me tell you that watching the game through itunes was amazing - it was only 2 hours and 20 minutes and WE WON! It was a good game, things stayed interesting and I am sure my neighbors downstairs heard me more than once. What a way to celebrate Ukrainian Christmas. Little man is so cute. I loved the video. Tell Dru hi!
sorry buddy.

but let me offer you hope, and a shameless blog plug.

Ohio State winning won't make you happy, despite what you apparently think.
ah yes, the deleted blog comment. What was it!?!? I can hardly stand to not know!
Some anonymous plug for a "get a girlfriend" site...didn't think it was necessary to have on here...does that satisfy?

Us Buckeye fans are getting used to looking outside of Football for happiness as of late...I'm beginning to learn that lesson well...humbling indeed.

Oh, and get a girlfriend.
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