Friday, February 13, 2009

Much has Happened you go. I promised my mom that I would put a video up of Israel sitting and playing...yes, Israel sits on his own now. I had a video and for some reason it wouldn't load so here are several pictures instead. Also, Dru and I now have a new roommate. Jake moved in almost two weeks ago and started seminary this past week. I also thought I would throw up a picture from the ice storm of '09. Sorry it's been so long. Lastly, Dru and I are currently hanging out in Ashville, NC with Dru's sister, brother in law, and our two nieces and two nephews. Here is a picture of John and Israel in the kitchen. Of course Israel is the book ends.

Awww, he's getting so big! And his hair is filling out very nicely. March 27th can't come soon enough! I love you Israel...Lolli
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