Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Dru is Digital

I don't quite understand this video, but it makes me
I don't get it either but Micah loved it as he is obsessed with robots. He says, "Doo robot"...That's Dru btw, can't quite say the 'r' yet!
First of all, Adam did not have permission to post this.

Second of all, this happened after we saw a movie in the theater that was digital for the first time. After seeing how amazed Adam was with the picture on the screen, I had to compete for his attention somehow...
i got it. i laughed out loud. dang it. miss you guys.
I thought this was some sort of strange foreplay that accidentally got posted. Initially, I was very uncomfortable. I rushed to the comments section. Once again, your mom and I were on the same page. Gosh. It's like she's my best friend.
Thanks for the comment Jason, you made me laugh too! Mrs. Caldwell
I concluded immediately that you guys had taken to drinking Missouri moonshine. I know Jake can get it cheap. I may have been too quick to jump to that conclusion, however, given the strange effect Dune-immersion can have on innocent bystanders.
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