Monday, August 07, 2006

The Big Move

Dru and I moved last Monday. It's been a week. What an experience that was. First off, the truck was two hours late. I was scheduled to pick it up at 9 and it didn't arrive until 11. Thankfully a bunch of kids and Mitch an Sara showed up to help us. Bye the time Jake and I returned to the apartment with the truck, everything, but the extremely heavy bedroom set was on the front lawn waiting to be loaded. I can't tell you how much of a blessing that was. I think it took about five hours to get the truck loaded.

The truck was sixteen feet long and to be honest with you I was scared that not everything was going to fit, but since Mitch is a master packer(watch it) we got it all in. Dru, Jake, Dan and I headed to Saint Louis after stopping at a local Arbey's for lunch. (Of course you can't really consider it lunch at 3:30 in the afternoon.)

We arrived at Dru's parents a little before 9. I think. To be honest with you it's all a blur. Donna had din din waiting so we scarfed that down, unloaded the furniture that wasn't going with us, sat up and talked to Mustoe until 1 in the morning then went to bed. Because we went to bed so late we weren't out of there until 9:30 in the morning. I decided that I was ok with that and let it go. (Typically, I like to leave early in the morning.)

Dan and Jake are studs. I don't know if you knew that but they are. We had the entire truck unloaded in about 2 and a half hours. It was great. (This is the funnny part.) Since Dan and Jake so graciously gave of their time to help Dru and I move we planned on renting them a car for their return trip. I honestly didn't think that it would be over $250. Perhaps a little pre-trip research would have done some good. If you plan on renting a car for a one way trip from state to state...DON'T! They want to charge us the cost of the rental plus (dun dun dun) $700 bones. That's right, a dollar per mile on top of the car rental. Well, to make a long story even longer, we were able to find them each a plane ticket from Louisvile (about 45 minutes away) to Kansas City for $116.00. Can't beat that.

Our town home is awesome and we picked up a four year old queen size bed for $100 bucks, box springs and all. Don't hesitate to call, we've got a place for you to stay anytime.

I'll have more a little later. Bye the way, I am going to be publised on TheOoze. That's exciting. They are going to use two posts...The Ins and Outs...and...I'm Tired. Check them out.

I am happy for you guys, I heard the townhouse is sweet and it has a football field for a back yard!

Good times, good times.
Congrats! Pray for us, we'll be moving into our new home sometime soon... But first, the painting!
Glad to hear you are getting settled. And thanks for alerting me to Mitch's moving prowess, for now I will know whom to call next time we move!
Hey man, when you get a settled moment, give me a call it's been awhile. Glad to hear you're finding some HOME down there. Love you guys, B
I am glad that you and Dru got moved into your townhouse. And congrats on getting published.
Hurry and finish un-packing so you can post again. Man - you get some of your work published in "Ooze" (terrible name, by the way) and you think, I can slack off on the blog. No, nephew, you can't.

Come on - take the plung.
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